President Obama, Healthcare and another dream

Once again President Barack Obama takes people for being fools and why not they have bought into everything else he has sold them. When he talks about healthcare reform he is delusional. He say there are three conditions that must be meet, you do not have to change your current doctor, the cost must come down, and it must cover everyone. Are we the only ones thinking that it sounds more like a campaign promise than a plan? He cannot be serious if it was that easy would it not have been done, would not have someone, or even another country adopted the plan. When he throws these things out there and everyone applauds as if he is speaking from some higher plain then the rest of us. He approval rating is staying high, the economy is rebounding and it is all thanks to the guidance of the President. The three must haves of the Healthcare reform will keep it from ever happening. It is OK if he rolls over he will say he needed to make concessions to make this landmark legislation pass. If it stays they way it is then congress will bash it back and forth but it will not be the fault of the President it has not passed. We think you are going to find a lot of things not this Presidents fault when they fail, and totally his plan when they do work and the populous will eat it up.

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