ASCIIBin Coding Collaboration and Debugging

If you are a blogger or any kind of a code person we found a place that is right up your binary. ASCIIBin Coding Collaboration and Code Debugging, this is a simple portal to copy and paste between computers and devices including Netbooks, Phones, PDAs, and iPhones/iPod Touch. When you need to convert and code something for anything that can access the web. All you need to do is paste on one computer or device and retrieve on another. How easy is that, and it is a super benefit for bloggers to have such any an easy tool to use. My favorite use for this is covering a live event like Tea Party Tax day. We are able to upload some general content about stuff we want to say on the post. Then after we see the live event we add a few sentences from what we see and post it up straight from any Netbooks, Phones, PDAs, and iPhones/iPod Touch. It has become much more powerful as you can also create a TinyURL and micro blogging for Twitter and FaceBook status. We also think that this can be used as a great tool for sharing code and documents for collaboration with friends, family, and colleagues. When you are starting a project you can have multiple users throwing ideas up all in the same place and then choose what works. This features the ability to keep this information password protected information. Check it out as there more uses and thing we have not even mentioned.

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