Obama to start Guantanamo Tribunals

Here we go again with President Backtrack, another case of accomplishment through leaping before you look. It sounds good to start right out the gate changing the past administrations policies. When a President leaves office with such a low approval rating changing what he thought was correct is a no lose situation. That was January and this is May, five months is a long enough time to realize you were wrong and hasty. President Barrack Obama has decided to reopen the Guantanamo Tribunals for a number of detainees. He denounced this practice during the campaign and shut it down within hours of taking office. We now that all the Obama-Ya-Ya’s will not care that he changed his mind. The truth is he ran on this outrageous claims but when he got the job he must now realize the implications of these case and effect knee jerk reactions used to get elected and to make a splash in your first 100 days.

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