From Ashes to the Wire

The economic downturn for newspapers, which is going to happen more, is still trying to find away. The Rocky Mountain News no longer prints, delivers, even an online newspaper, just plain closed down. Back in February is coincided to the Denver Post leaving the print version only a memory. They cut the newsroom staff in half and moved forward online only. The members that were let go have started a project to fight back and hit the E.W. Scripps with another sucker punch when it is down. Let go staffers are going to start a daily online magazine starting in the summer of 2009. The name is the Rocky Mountain Independent, which is a great play on words from where they have comes to what they need to be. This is going to slice into what The Rocky Mountain News has for a base now but ore important is any revenue they move away from The Rocky Mountain News is another nail in the coffin. The paper is a $130 million in debt and has lost revenues anywhere from 15-20% each year. The staffers that were let go that day in February are doing the only thing they know, in the game of survival of the fittest we think the upstart in going to be hungry and a just little competitive against their former employer.

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