Nancy P. Where we were born last night?

Nancy Pelosi to quote the old saying “We were born at night, just not last night baby!” Does she really believe that calling out the CIA and acting like she was not told about waterboarding would fly? She conveniently point to a 2002 meeting she attended as they did not say it would happen. Then she says she was never updated on the change in policy. This is third highest ranking official in the United States. Not ready for Prime Time Nancy is your President if something happens to Barrack Obama and Joseph Biden. This is a push the blame, they never said that, I don’t recall, and uh I did not know excuse all wrapped in one package. The fact that they published a memo sent to everyone in congress saying waterboarding was on the table means Nancy P knew. The fact is it was discussed in 13 Intelligence committee meetings after the one she attended in 2002. If she attended more Intelligence meetings or read the minutes then this comment would be null in void. She will never admit to that and it is clear she has a lie and she is sticking to it. America may buy it as it is more about getting the Bush Administration lawyers and creators of the policy then catching Not ready for Prime Time Nancy back peddling all the way to California.

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