Flying Sucks these days

Since we have not flown or gone a vacation in nine years a lot has changed. If you travel often or for a living you know what we are talking about. There are things we do not mind and of course understand. These new regulations are not a good enough to keep up the war on terror. We do not mind having to be at the airport two hours before the flight, this means we will not be late and there are no last minute passengers, oh wait a second of there is one who needs to change seat, board first, and bring two bags on the plane. Sorry we digress and that is totally a post for another day. Why do we need to arrive at the airport two hours early so the TSA can pretend they are keeping us safe? The 911 hijackers used box cutters, granted getting any metal on your person through is tough but we are sure a sharp plastic tool could achieve the same result. The reason for this rant is the shoes; this was disgusting on multiple levels. Starting with standing in line with a bunch of people with no shoes like it was a sock hop. Worse standing with a bunch of other people with no socks like it was a beach party. Lastly and by far the worse was the smell, it is hard to place but it came back quickly like a junior high locker room. Is this the way every airport smells? There has got to better a way to check the shoes. The last thing we need to start a vacation is an old lady wiping out the bunions or a dude exposing the Fred Flintstone feet, this now way to begin to relax. Thanks TSA we are supposed to be relaxing.

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