President Obama National Prayer Day: MIA

Remember when President Barack Obama was trying to distance himself from Reverend Wright, he did not have a Church he said but had accepted Jesus Christ into his life, or maybe that was just to get elected. Thursday is the National Day of Prayer our President is distancing himself from the by avoiding a formal early morning service and not attending a large Catholic prayer breakfast the next morning. He will sign a proclamation honoring the day, which originated in 1952 when Congress set aside the first Thursday in May for the observance. The National Day of Prayer started in 1775, was formally established in 1795. President George W. Bush invited selected Christian and Jewish leaders to the White House East Room, where he typically would give a short speech and several leaders offered prayers. The White House party line is the president is simply reverting to pre-Bush administration practice. This would be OK if it was true President Clinton, President Bush 41, President Reagan, President Carter, President Ford, President Nixon, President Johnson and of course President Kennedy, all participated. Seems to use hear this is another example of letting the rumors that our President is a Muslim and afraid to admit it.

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