Flu Pandemic Information

It is funny how you need something to hit you in the face before you think about it. We feel that is the way it is with the recent Flu Pandemic. We did not realize or understand enough about it and due to the Internet there is plenty of resources at your fingertips. Information we found interesting is the correlation between what we are experience now in 2009 compared to the1918 Spanish flu pandemic. If you have a chance, you should try to visit theaboutflu.net web page for more information about this topic. We surprised and once we started reading, we found the information fascinating. We know this is the hot topic of the month and everyone is an expert but it was nice to find cold hard facts of past experience to understand how it happens, how it moves, and what we should be expecting next. We want you to check out but here are a couple of nuggets to entice your curiosity.The 1918 Spanish flu pandemic reached points as far as the Arctic, and even some of the most isolated areas of the world. Estimates show that close to one hundred million people were killed a result now does that sound like something you need to more about.

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