White House aide authorized the flyover – Done

The $328,835 photo opportunity of Air Force One buzzing New York City only 1000 feet above the ground has claimed another body. The White House military director was already forced to step down. The next to fall on the sword is Former Army Secretary Louis Caldera, the White House aide who authorized the flyover, resigned under fire Friday as the Obama administration continues to do damage control. The White House internal review on the matter portrayed Caldera as out of the loop in a cycle of missed messages and questionable judgments as plans for the photo shoot proceeded. There are multiple investigations being run all over government. The Pentagon and Air Force are still investigating as ordered by Defense Secretary Robert Gates. President Barack Obama has ordered a review of how the White House Military Office is set up, and how it reports to the White House and the Air Force. The purpose of the flight was to update the official photo of the president’s jet. The AF-1 with Fighter Jet escort alarmed New Yorkers sending people panicking into the streets. Just another great example of your tax money at work, $328,835 two people lose their job, committees in three branches looking into the incident, and the photo is not going to be used as the program was scraped. Nice. President Obama has really has brought some change to Washington government.

Terminator Salvation Movie Debut 12 days
First day of summer 43 days
Transformers 2 Movie Debut 46 days
Days until 2010 – 237 days
Day until a New President 1352 days

National Debt 5/6/1999   5,573,136,824,813.38
National Debt 5/6/2009   11,226,807,485,330.04

And I don’t need your jealousy yeah
Why drag me down in your misery
And when you stare don’t you think I feel it 
But I’m gonna deal it back to you in spades
When I’m havin’ fun ya know I can’t conceal it    
‘Cause I know you’d never cut
it in my game- Oh no
W. Axl Rose Get in the Ring (1991)

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