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Changing phone systems is a huge undertaking. There are so many moving parts to worry about. When you use to create a virtual PBX you are taking the hard steps right out of the problem and getting great value for small cost. There are so many things to cover when changing phone systems especially for a small business. The highest priority is the need to define the cost and make sure it is professional. Your phone system will be the gateway for you’re the appearance of your company to the outside world. These questions also come into issue with large companies not that cost and ROI are important at any level. Every company needs a basic system that can answer the phone, voice mail, and an auto attendant. The good news is 800pbx, stands behind their service enough to offer a 15 day free trial and a 30 day money back guarantee, so there is very little risk and a huge upside reward. Think about getting an 800 number, for your business, just this little improvement on your business card and stationary make your company appearance seem more professional then giving a three digit area code to potential customers. When you have a toll-free number for your customers and staff to use it will improve your presence around the block, the state, and county as your marketing becomes global. Then when you add an IVR solutions you are in the big time and have leveled the playing field. Your customers will appreciate the interactive voice response (IVR) functionalities because they are able to reach the correct department and individual without knowing the name or extension number. This will not only resolve calls a lot faster but once again brings the impression of your company as a major player no matter what size business you own. In this economy everyone is looking for an edge this can keep your business on par with your competition.

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