Five Follow Friday Twitter Fantastic Apps

Follow Friday, has come again little wrinkle today as Twitter will be down with one hour of planned maintenance at 2pm PST. They can do that but it still means it is finally the weekend. Here are five more apps / websites that make your twittering life more enjoyable.

Graph your Twitter Stats including Tweets per hour, Tweets per month, Tweet timeline your reply statistics. They claim it is being used by over 100,000 Twitter-folk, not to shabby.


Send a greeting card, a surprise message, or an invitation on Twitter or via email. Type your message here and then copy the link!



Twitter your travel. Where will you go next? Share your travel plans with your tweeple! Why are you going there? What are you going to do there? What are you looking for?


Twitbin is a firefox extension that allows you to keep up with all of your Twitter conversations right from your browser sidebar. Send messages; receive messages, share links, and more from Twitbin, the best twitter addon for firefox out there.

twitbin is service which help you to see newest statistics from Of course we are in beta. To see stats for your chosen keywords use search!


Terminator Salvation Movie Debut 13 days
First day of summer 44 days
Transformers 2 Movie Debut 47 days
Days until 2010 – 238 days
Day until a New President 1353 days

National Debt 5/6/1999    5,573,136,824,813.38
National Debt 5/6/2009    11,226,807,485,330.04

Prayers in my pocket
And no hand in destiny
I’ll keep on movin’ along
With no time to plant my feet
W. Axl Rose Yesterdays (1991)

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