Death of the Landline

It was only a matter of time and with everyone cutting costs the time is fast approaching. The number of U.S. households opting for only cell phones has for the first time surpassed those that just have traditional landlines. There are twenty percent of homes with only cell phones compared with 17 percent with landlines but no cells. This is the first time in the history of this statistics being kept since 2003. The study found people who live in homes that have only wireless service tend to be disproportionately low-income, young, renters and Hispanics. There are six in ten homes have both landlines and cell phones. Verizon reported 39 million landline telephone customers in March 2008 but only 35 million a year later. Before you shed a tear or get your bailout money ready, their wireless customers grew from 67 million to 87 million. The numbers are even deeper a third of people age 18 to 24 live in households with only cell phones and only four in ten people age 25 to 29. Most of the people that have both landline and cells have the landline because it is tied to a cable service. This shift will continue for the next few years and eventually as cell phone plans become more competitive the landline might disappear from the home all together.

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