Barack, Joe, and the Ray’s Hell Burger

President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden rolled out the Presidential motorcade from the White House to Virginia. They pulled into a small, independent burger place called Ray’s Hell Burger. The leaders of the free world did not send in a couple of lackeys. In true photo opportunity style they went right up to the counter where the food is being grilled and ordered. They each paid cash for their order and the Ray’s staff took the money (good for them). The boys looking like a couple of frat kids skipping class for a munchies run stood like the rest and waited for their number to be called before going to a table. Ray’s Hell Burger prides itself on premium aged 10-ounce burgers, sits in a small strip plaza. The burgers sell for $6.95. We are sure there are more details that will follow as everything President Barack Obama does is calculated we wonder if this is a photo op to show there is no friction between the President and the Vice President after he has more than a few gaffs since taking over as VP.

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