PerformApps by JellyBarn, Inc.

It was only a matter of time to when someone could harness social media for sales, it has been tried, but PerformApps™ by JellyBarn, Inc. seems to be right on track. If you desire real performance social media they have created a no-risk service allowing brands to launch targeted social application campaigns that travel virally, capture attention, and drive revenue. They keep it real by making sure that it is based on a pay-for-performance basis only. That means for the marketing brands they can have a guaranteed result, using a budget they decide upon before the campaign begins. They handle everything so there are no development costs, which we have seen to be a struggle for many companies. They try to forge into new area without understand social media and then try to jam there image into a medium they do not understand. We see this as a great resource and a great way to get high audience engagement. When you are viewing their website, you can see how they can boast an unprecedented client ROI. This works across all platforms as if you need an app or a widget to get your message out they have demonstrated a unique handle on presentation. If you are looking for a presence on FaceBook, MySpace, or other open social markets, you would be best served not just using an intern because he has a FaceBook account. The folks over at JellyBarn, Inc. are on to something big and if you desire a bite of the social media market, they can show you the way.


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