Windows 7 RC & Holiday Release

Microsoft has released the final release candidate of the Windows 7 operating system. This will be ready for anyone to download and try out starting Tuesday. Microsoft expects to start selling Windows 7 by the end of January 2010, but has said this week that it is possible it could launch in time for the holiday shopping season. The Windows 7 operating system adds a few new features, including a way to run Windows XP applications. Windows XP Mode, feature, will let people run many XP-era programs from a Windows 7 computer. There also is a feature that adds a way for people to access music and other media files stored on their home PC over the Internet from other Windows 7 machines. The software maker is counting on Windows 7 to win over businesses that put off upgrading to Vista, which got off to a rough start because it didn’t work well with many existing programs and devices. The high-end version of Windows 7 will run on many more computers than Vista, including tiny, low-powered netbooks. Microsoft revealed that the basic requirements for running a high-end version of Windows 7 are not much different from those of Vista. Windows 7 is better at managing memory and not bogging down less-powerful machines. Microsoft can only hope that Windows 7 can put the Vista problems behind them much like Windows XP did for Windows 2000 and Windows ME.

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