Brown University – Hates Italians

We have a report that the faculty at Brown University have buckled under the pressure of student protest. The students think Christopher Columbus was a horrible person and there should be no holiday in his name. We will not even discuss the namesake of Brown University, The Brown family for which it was named made most of their money in the slave trade. The faculty has decided not to take off Columbus Day any longer. We thought this was a bold step except it is not internally true. They are not going to take off Columbus Day, but they will not be working that are taking off the newly created, Fall Weekend Day. Could they have come up with any lamer of a title? No wonder why Brown, an Ivy League school is forgotten and mention after Princeton. The old say is of you cannot get into Harvard or Yale there is always Brown. Once again, they have set the bar low enough they can hurdle it. This is once again political correctness run a mock. The bigger issue we have is if you are going to protest then do not take the day off, that is protest, to change the name of the day and still take it off is pathetic and weak.

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