Another poor Obama gift for the Sidwell

Things are once again good at Sidwell Friends School. This is the Quaker private school located in Washington, D.C. as they offer pre-kindergarten through secondary school classes. The school was founded in 1883 by Thomas Sidwell. During the last eight years, President Bush girls were too old to attend the school during their time at the Whitehouse. The president before daughter Chelsea Clinton did attend the school starting as a twelve year old. President Barack Obama’s children now have begun to attend the Sidwell Friends School. They have a fundraiser that they can auction off the items donated from the parents. President Clinton used to give out standing gifts for this auction. One year he even offered 18 holes of golf with the president. This fetched quite a high price and each year the Clintons tried to out due the year before. This kind of skill is lacking with the new President as for his first gift for the auction was a magazine with his picture on it, which both he and his wife autographed. This is not going to get as much attention and monetary donation that the Clintons seemed to pride themselves on being able to raise to help the school.

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