FaceBook New Rules

FaceBook will adopt new rules that will govern the social network even though a vote fell well short of a minimum. The new documents specify, among other things, that users own their information, not FaceBook. Only 640,000 of the FaceBook 200 million regular users voted over the past week, with nearly three-quarters in favor of the changes. FaceBook declared the result and was happy with vote of their first ever poll but the user community did not feel they did a poor job advertising the vote. When the TOS changed to claim that a photo posted to FaceBook account became their property it caused a backlash they had to do an about face on. This new release will let users keep their property when they delete an account the photos and remarks go with it. It will be interesting to see what other nuggets could be hidden inside as FaceBook gave ground on this one so they must have taken something else.

First day of summer 24 days
Terminator Salvation Movie Debut 26 days
Transformers 2 Movie Debut 61 days
Days until 2010 – 253 days
Day until a New President 1367 days

National Debt 4/23/1999 5,586,140,738,923.35
National Debt 4/23/2009 11,184,922,662,862.85

Sometimes I wanna kill Sometimes I wanna die
Sometimes I wanna destroy Sometimes I wanna cry
W. Axl Rose Don’t Damn Me (1991)

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