Yahoo pulls plug on GeoCities

Yahoo to shut down GeoCities, the Web site publishing and hosting service it bought in 1999 for $3 billion in stock. The service will be shut down later this year. GeoCities accounts will be given the option to sign up for Yahoo’s Web hosting service for $5.98 a month. GeoCities is gone the way of failed experiment at Yahoo like, Briefcase, Farechase, My Web, RSS ads, Yahoo Pets, Yahoo Live, Kickstart and Yahoo For Teachers have or will be eliminated. This comes with a lay off nearly 700 workers which is the third round of job cuts during the past 14 months. Geocities was setup for users to make free website with unpaid ads running from Yahoo on every page. These sites were set up using tools they provided to make an easy to create a website in a few easy steps for free. The idea these site will move to pay service is probably not going to happen. This is more of a way to clear space from the servers and remove free services squeezing ad revenue.

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