Two profiles for social media?

We were talking in the office and it seems a choice needs to be made when using social media outlets. Are you going to be business professional or a plain common user? Can you be both with the same profile? Should you have a work professional profile in addition to a common user profile? There have been many stories where people have posted things to FaceBook or Twitter for their friends to see, and then realized all of their business friends and followers see it as well. We have this situation with a FaceBook account; the people there are all friends and family. The stuff we post on this blog is not of interest to 95% of them. The last thing you want is a political debate at every family function about something the blog said a couple of months ago. This works well for FaceBook, where our identity is personal, the struggle is on Twitter. We follow celebrities on Twitter and a reply to any of them is like shooting it out of cannon to all the tea512 readers. Do they really need to know how much we love Taylor Swift, or the impulsive need to get a reply from either Fred Durst or Trent Reznor? These things then become facts on the Twitter feed. When Ice T started his record label, he named his Twitter account after the record label name. Then he did a shout out to everyone he knew tweeting more then just about the label. This is new uncharted area for most and questions the need for a divide, or does there?

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