FaceBook Friday TOS Results

FaceBook invited the 200 million people who regularly use the site to vote on its governing documents. We do not know how much effect this vote it is going to have. FaceBook launched the vote after the change about who is in control over users’ personal information. FaceBook members had until Thursday afternoon to choose either the current terms of use, or a revised set of documents that reflect input from users over the past 30 days. FaceBook said the vote would be binding only if 30 percent of the site’s active users voted, which means 60 million people. There have only been 640,000 people that have cast ballots by Thursday afternoon. Friday FaceBook will announce the results and reveal what is the next step in the process. This was set up to fail as they knew there were only 60 million US members and that is where the outrage over the TOS was coming from.

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