Picnik users now can Tweet too

Picnik the Seattle based company, which is the leading online photo editing application. Picnik users now have the ability to ‘tweet’ their Picnik-edited snapshots to Twitter directly from Picnik.com. At the same time they announced a partnership with Twitgoo.com, a media-sharing service created by Photobucket.com for posting pictures on Twitter. The basic and Premium versions of Picnik both allow users to edit an image in Picnik and send it to their Twitter account as their personalized Twitter wallpaper, as a Twitter account profile picture, or posted as a tweet. Picnikers can simply visit the “Save & Share” tab within Picnik to send their photo to Twitgoo or Twitter. Users can also add unique tweets for each piece of mind-blowing artwork they post from Picnik. Picnik is fast, fun, and easy-to-use and is fully integrated with a wide variety of websites including Flickr, Facebook, Photobucket, Webshots, and Box.net.

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