Full Length Movies at YouTube

Google the owner of YouTube is expanding the library of full-length movies and TV shows it offers online. They are launching a new advertising service and adding about a dozen new content partners. The new long-form videos will be housed on a unique page on a shows tab accessible from the main YouTube page. This latest move from Google/YouTube is an attempt to boost sales and profits. They will offer hundreds of TV show titles and movies. The service will expand with YouTube’s already existing partnerships with several heavy hitter studios, including Sony, Lions Gate, CBS, MGM, and Liberty. They have struck deals with new partnerships using thirteen smaller media outlet companies. There have been reports YouTube has been losing as much as $500 million a year which they deny. To help ad revenue, YouTube also announced it is launching Google TV Ads Online. This will help advertisers target viewers of online content with video ads. These single video ads are planned to be inserted in scheduled breaks in shows and movies. Sometimes the ads will be sold by Google and sometimes by the content providers.

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