Why does Hollywood Hate America?

The HBO show with Bill Maher on Friday nights had two guests this week. Both of these famous liberal leaning people were on at different times but were posed the same question. They both answered in basically the same kind of a response, the viewer could only feel that they did not want or think being American was anthing that great.

Ron Howard who has been an outspoken supporter of President Barack Obama claimed America was no longer a super power and we as a nation have to deal with that. He could see other countries leading the world in both economics and the vision of the free world. Bill Maher made the comment we were like Rome and we threw it all away, we had gotten so big we were destine to fail. His last guest was Gore Vidal, who when posed the same question said, he thought it was going to be great for America to be reduced to a status of Brazil or Portugal on the world stage because then we would have a really good soccer team. He went on to claim we were never Rome because the Roman civilization made so many advances to the world. We have nothing to show for our 64 years as a super power. We could have been great but we were greedy and that was the downfall.

We watched in disbelief, as we knew these liberals want to globalize the world, let the UN run everything and we can all hold hands around the campfire. When we watched this utter distain for being American and its place in the world, it really was depressing. It makes you think is Hollywood that stupid to think anyone outside the US would care about them if it were not for the fact that they are American.

NBA Playoffs 3 days
NFL Draft 10 days
Terminator Salvation Movie Debut 36 days
Transformers 2 Movie Debut 71 days
Days until 2010 – 263 days
Day until a New President 1377 days

National Debt 4/13/1999 5,666,223,263,670.85
National Debt 4/13/2009 11,169,978,555,115.48

Time can pass slowly,
things always change
You day’s been numbered
And I’ve read your last page
W. Axl Rose You Ain’t the First (1991)

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