Apple one-billionth app Served – soon

What a difference a decade makes. The Apple App Store, where you can find applications for the iPhone and iTouch, has started a count down to the one-billionth app download. The launched a countdown page with some promotions and giveaways. The greatest thing about this is only a month ago they went over 800 million. The rate, which they are growing, is outstanding. They were at 500 million in January, so simple math say it should happen before the end of May. The webpage is updating dynamically so you can watch in real-time as the numbers grow. They have lists of the top apps both free and paid. Apple has scored and brought them back into main fabric of world culture. They have a model set up by iTunes that is the standard and they have branched this out to apps. There is only growth expected as the number people-creating apps are growing as well as the thirst for things to try. Blackberry needed to create apps for their phone platforms, Amazon, and Wal-Mart have jumped into the digital download business. Right now the big kahuna is Apple they know it and they are screaming it loudly from over a billion songs in iTunes and soon to be a billion apps from the app store.

NBA Playoffs 4 days
NFL Draft 11 days
Terminator Salvation Movie Debut 37 days
Transformers 2 Movie Debut 72 days
Days until 2010 – 264 days
Day until a New President 1378 days

National Debt 4/10/1999 5,661,252,699,346.90
National Debt 4/10/2009 11,169,725,647,724.50

Keep the demons down And drag the skeletons out
I got a blind man followin’ me in chains
I said he’s fun to watch When the world has stopped
An I think he’s got somethin’ to say
W. Axl Rose Perfect Crime (1991)

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