New Christine sells Mayonnaise

If you watched Wednesday night’s episode of the New Adventures of Old Christine you were witness to a marvel of television. This was the first time when a script, a prop, a product, commercial, and advertiser all collided in a matter of minutes. Christine came home with extra money in the budget; she goes to market and buys name brand products. She point out to her brother that she is holding in her hand real mayonnaise Hellmanns, not a store brand. She makes a joke while making a sandwich, her brother makes a joke and then she bites the sandwich, comments again about real products. Cut to commercial then food network Chef Bobby Flay appears saying Christine just made a sandwich with Hellmanns mayonnaise, here is cool Hellmanns recipe for you. We stared looking at the TV with our jaws open. We had never seen anything like it. The next day at the office we pulled down the episode to watch it again, the same result. No one had ever seen anything like it and we are not sure if we are impressed or annoyed. This was written into the script and used by CBS, Hellmanns, Show Producers and writers. We hope this is not going to be a wave of the future as this is past Coca Cola paying for only Coke products being shown during a show. This is a whole knew approach that could make the whole shows script be one long commercial.

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