Obama World Tour Ends with Nothing to Show

We know the media wants you to believe President Barack Obama is wowing them in Europe. They make a big deal about gifts the first family is giving to the world leaders on each stop and how the first lady is holding court. The proof of the trip success or failure is that nothing he is asking for is getting done. He went to the G-20 conference and asked for leaders to spend part of their GDP to stimulate the world economy. This is not going to happen. Then he rolled over to NATO talking about a plan for Afghanistan and asking for a world united effort, he received a few troops, some cash, and that was about it. The final stop was a trip to the European Union, to lobby for Turkey to become a member. This was a flat out no from the EU members. That is three strikes and you are out. Jump on Air Force One and come home do not pass go, do not collect $200 and please stop telling me it was a success.

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