Micro-Billing is the World of Cellphones

Cellphone users are downloading tens of millions of games, songs, ring tones, and video programs to their mobile phones. They are paying money for these multimedia nuggets of fun. Most of these same people will not pay for on their computer. We saw at the Las Vegas Cellphone annual trade show, the phone industry is about to push new software stores, video players, games and content. One of the reasons is micro payments, which phone providers have been using for years. Nickels and dimes are a pain to charge over the internet and usual cost more than the transaction. The phone company has been nickel and diming for years. Piper Jaffray, published a report recently saying it expected consumers to spend $13 billion on downloads to their phones in 2012, up from $2.8 billion this year. Content developers say consumers like the instant gratification of downloading on the go. Mobile TV service called MediaFlow, is expected before long to start offering broadcast channels free while charging only for premium programming, like cable shows. GetJar, also has free mobile downloads and offers some 20,000 services, including games and productivity software. The new term is a three screener, meaning you use a TV, Computer, and Cellphone to combine your multimedia experience.

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