Samsung Memoir 8-megapixel cellphone

The T-Mobile Samsung Memoir is the first 8-megapixel camera-phone sold for US consumption. It retails for $250 with a two-year contract. The Memoir is black with silver trim and feels more like a camera than a phone. It sports a Xenon flash, white balance and several scene and shooting modes. They included a continuous, panorama and smile shot modes. The latter is a feature in which the camera is supposed to snap a picture only when your subject smiles. There is also blink detection to warn you when your subject blinks. Memoir is a touch-screen Smartphone that does the basics such as e-mail and mobile Web browsing. Memoir is a thin device that is sturdy and comfortable in hand. When taking a photo the small protective lens cover slides opens to a smart shooting menu. You can tap small icons to easily change shooting modes. You then can toggle between still camera and video and turn the flash on or off. There is an installed GPS with turn-by-turn directions for an extra $10 month subscription. This helps the Memoir geotagged images can be given the location where they were shot.


NBA Playoffs 13 days
NFL Draft 20 days
Terminator Salvation Movie Debut 46 days
Transformers 2 Movie Debut 81 days
Days until 2010 – 273 days
Day Until A New President 1387 days

National Debt 4/2/1999 5,660,859,068,099.45
National Debt 4/2/2009 11,124,519,301,253.21

Don’t need to buy none of your Gold chains today
I don’t need no bracelets Clamped in front of my back
Just need my ticket till then Won’t you cut me some slack
W. Axl Rose (1988) One in a Million

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