New phones 32 keys replaces 12

If you were at the Las Vegas cell phone trade show this week there are fewer and fewer cell phones with twelve digit keypads. Text messaging and wireless Internet use are now ruling the market place. United States subscribers sent 1 trillion text messages last year which is three times the 2007 volume. In relation 2.2 trillion minutes of voice calls were used which is only a rise around 5%. The last quarter of 2008 31% of all phones sold had a full alphabet keyboard. The new AT&T lineup had six new phones all with either a touch screen, or a typewriter-style keyboard, or both. Samsung Electronics introduced no new keypad phones at all. The Samsung Magnet will be in the $20-30 rage will a full keyboard. Motorola had one low-end handset with a keypad but their showstopper is the Evoke, which has a touch screen. LG Electronics displayed mostly touch screens. Sony Ericsson. And Nokia which have a small presence in the US had the most models with keypads. The future is here and it comes without having to hit a button four times to text a “z.”

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