Facebook expects to register 200m

Facebook expects to register its 200 millionth user within the coming week. This would mean it would have doubled it size in just eight months. When they signed up the 100 million members in August, the company threw a huge barbecue for their employees in Palo Alto, California. Facebook is the Internet dominant social ecosystem and has become an essential personal and business networking tool all over the world. The huge spike was attributed to the change into adding multiple languages, now 70% of users are not in North America. The group function has created an away for member to voice opinions and create grass roots causes for which can turn into real action. Mark Zuckerberg CEO and brain child behind FaceBook says the mission is to be used by everyone in the world to share information seamlessly. They also promise member pages would soon become even busier and more dynamic, updating automatically instead of requiring users to refresh their browsers to see new posts. Lessons to teach members to use privacy settings to manage their network so they can speak discreetly only to certain friends, like co-workers or family members, as opposed to other friends like bosses or professional colleagues. These are the thing that face FaceBook as reach 200 million members and it seems just as many hurdles and issues.

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