Square Root Day 3/3/09

That is right, today 3/3/09 is square root day. This only happens nine times in each century, so happy holiday math junkies. The last one was 2/2/04 and the next will be 4/4/16 so mark your calendar. There have been Facebook groups set up and we are sure there is some kind of party at MIT and Cal Poly Tech. There are no decorations but maybe the can layout ribs in the square root symbol cut vegetables into squares and eat foods in groups of three. So here is you math lesson in honor of the day let us get in the spirit. The square of any positive or negative number is positive, and the square of 0 is 0. Therefore, no negative number can have a real square root. The Rhind Mathematical Papyrusis a copy from 1650 BC of an even earlier work and shows us how the Egyptians extracted square roots. This is the first known instance of the square root and the beginning of the holiday we celebrate today.

Magento e-commerce themes

We were checking out ecommerce themes for a customer who is looking to turn a profit from a website. They basically have product view and are looking for online web sales. We found a company called eCommerce-Themes.com. They have a platform called the Magento Themes they currently lead this market and focus on high quality designs. We immediately liked the quality of their themes and website. As we search what seemed like countless themes we found three we really liked and will bring to the vendor. The first that jumped out was the D-Urban WearTheme because it was specific to what the vendor is trying to sell. The theme is simple and easy to use so we knew it was going to be a favorite for our customer. The clothing store theme was another big hit we think as it is a little more complex so you can have multiple promotions. There was a Jewelry Store theme that was very elegant and with a little work could be a really good fit. We find the designs are of highest quality and anticipate no problems with their easy-to-use applications. They will provide user-friendly instructions to help integrate in no time.

Search terms as times get tougher

There is a report that Americans search patterns have changed. You would expect these terms to change based on time of season and current events. This is always a great gauge of what is going on. We have heard the whole Main Street vs. Wall Street but now we are seeing a report that is from all streets which is reporting the same thing. According to the marketing research company ComScore, they are a digital marketing intelligence platform company that helps customers make business decisions and implement digital business strategies. They deliver digital marketing intelligence through its comScore Media Metrix products. They claim the number of Internet searches incorporating the word “unemployment” more than tripled from December 2007 the number last year was 2.69 million it has exploded to 8.21 million in December 2008. This is no surprise but it is amazing just how many people are affected. The Bureau of Labor Statics reported early last month unemployment has risen to 7.6%, the total number of unemployment claim last month was 598,000. There have 4.1 million people who filed for unemployment through the same timeline December 2007 to 2008. This bring the total unemployment number to 11.6 million.

Roselyn Sánchez blazingly sexual feline


This week we highlight number 19 from last years Tea512 top 51, Roselyn Sánchez. She was born April 2, 1973 in San Juan Puerto Rico and is know as a singer, model, and actress of both film and television. She went to the University of Puerto Rico for three years for marketing. This was following her family footsteps but she had another calling. In 1991 she moved to New York City to study dancing and acting. In 1992 she made her acting and movie debut in the film Captain Ron, which was shot partly in Puerto Rico. She moved into the talent arena and won the Miss Puerto Rico Petite contest, and in 1994 she won the international title of Miss American Petite. She moved to Hollywood in 2001 and landed rolls in movies Rush Hour 2, Chasing Papi, and in 2005 she land a reoccurring role on the television show Without A Trace. She has also composed a musical, Yellow which was released in 2007, as well as releasing a Grammy nominated album in 2003. Because of her beauty she has made multiple beautiful lists and has appeared in videos. She first caught our attention in Rush Hour 2, but our favorites are Underclassmen, and The Game Plan. She is very sexy and tough on the Without A Trace show which makes that must see TV each week. She is a smoking hot Latina with long black hair and a banging body that is mesmerizing anytime it comes into view.

NCAA March Madness 17 days
Countdown to Spring 18 days
MLB Baseball Opening Day 34 days
NBA Playoffs 47 days
Days until 2010 – 304 days

Hey you caught me in a coma And I don’t think I wanna
Ever come back to this…world again
Kinda like it in a coma ‘Cause no one’s ever gonna
Oh, make me come back to this…world again
W. Axl Rose Coma (1991)

Republicans climbing from the wreckage

The Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) reported the results of the first Republican straw poll of the 2012 campaign. The winner was former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney with an accumulation of twenty percent of the vote. There are a couple of things of note here. Starting at the top Mitt Romney stepped a side and let McCain run for President. A tradition the Republican Party has had that when it is your turn others step aside. This has been done by Regan, Dole and McCain. The Second Place finish with 14% was Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal, who could not have done a worse job as the rebuttal to President Obama’s speech on Tuesday. Old friend and media punching bag Alaska Governor Sarah Palin garnished 13 percent of the vote. Florida Governor Charlie Crist only received one percent. Crist, had taken a strong role in supporting President Barack Obama’s stimulus package as one of only three Republicans to do so.

NCAA March Madness 18 days
Countdown to Spring 19 days
MLB Baseball Opening Day 35 days
NBA Playoffs 48 days
Days until 2010 – 305 days

National Debt 2/26/1999    5,620,928,184,943.17
National Debt 2/26/2009    10,881,159,722,022.36

Sick of this life
Not that you’d care
I’m not the only one with
whom these feelings I share
W. Axl Rose Dead Horse (1991)