Palm Hail Mary – Pre

Another quarter in the books and Palm reported a net loss of $95 million, or 89 cents a share, from $54.7 million, or 53 cents, a year earlier. Sales in the period ended Feb. 28 fell 71 percent, to $90.6 million, from $312 million. Palm has reported losses in the last seven quarters. All hope at the Palm offices of staying viable in the mobile device market is the Pre. The techworld has been raving about it as a real alternative to the iPhone and BlackBerry. Palm is going to release the new Pre Smartphone in June. The Pre sports a new Palm Operating System titled WebOS, touch screen and a flip down full qwerty keyboard. The show stopper with the Pres is the ability to run more than one process at a time. The iPhone runs one application at a time and the Pre will be able to keep multiple panels running simultaneously. Right now Apple boasts 30 million Iphone Users and the Pre will run on the Sprint Network which already has enough problems with public perception. There is no one but Palm to blame they never took Apple serious. Now are faced with a last play and it is fourth and ten from the fifty yard line. The company has dropped back and about the hail their fate into the marketplace.


FaceBook Negativity Shutdown

The FaceBook application that is polling the users for their feedback to the new FaceBook homepage is growing to fast. FaceBook limited the access that is democracy at work. The application has 2,168,639 monthly active users, over one million votes and over 560,000 comments, most of those are negative. So FaceBook drop a restriction on the app, preventing users from inviting more than two friends to join. FaceBook believes the application was caught in a designed system function to curb abuse on FaceBook Platform. FaceBook has set limits on the number of friends one invite at a time. Just the other day iJustine reported that she could only friend 5,000 people at a time. This makes sense for this application, but given this have been the fastest growing FaceBook applications in the history of FaceBook. You would think somebody over there would have thought this was going to happen. If you have been on FaceBook you know that the users are not happy with the new layout. If you are a Twitter person you can see exactly what they are doing. FaceBook has 175 million members world wide and that is a lot of interface, FaceBook has not been able to turn that into revenue. FaceBook was founded on the principle of six degrees of separation but for that to work it needs to be two way. The reason FaceBook is about to hit a wall, which is a Tea512 prediction. It is founded on local friends; Twitter is worldwide and has star power.

MLB Baseball Opening Day 14 days
NBA Playoffs 27 days
NFL Draft 34 days
Transformers 2 Movie Debut 95 days
Days until 2010 – 287 days

 National Debt 3/19/1999 5,640,185,158,295.15
National Debt 3/19/2009 11,039,686,130,898.10

They scream and yell And fight all night
You can’t tell me I lose my head
I close my eyes They won’t touch me
‘Cause I got somethin’ I been buildin’ up inside
W. Axl Rose Out To Get Me (1987)

Obama Tax Break and First day of Spring

What a day, President Barack Obama promised a tax cut for 95% of Americans and today the first day of spring we gout ours. That is right my payroll check went up as he decreased the Federal weekly income tax for us low earners. We have been hard on the president lately, because he is inexperienced, said anything to get elected and has done the very same things he said he change. Remember that is what was going to us hope was the change. Since it is the first day of spring let us hope President Barack Obama will turn a new leaf, go back to those campaign trails stump speeches and at least attempt to follow some of the outline that got him elected. We are not going to beat him up that this is only $16 a week, because when President George Bush gave American $400 the left complained what are we supposed to do with that. We stated we were happy because it was the first time the President of the US had ever sent me anything. This being the case we will not complain here and will gladly accept this positive that comes on the first day of spring.

Countdown to Spring Today
MLB Baseball Opening Day 15 days
NBA Playoffs 28 days
NFL Draft 35 days
Days until 2010 – 288 days 

National Debt 3/18/1999 5,640,185,158,295.15
National Debt 3/18/2009 11,034,225,094,391.03

Wake up late honey put on your clothes
Take your credit card to the liquor store
That’s one for you and two for me by tonight
W.Axl Rose Nightrain (1987)

AIG – Congress -President Grandstanding

We wanted to chime in on the AIG meetings yesterday. To watch those people in congress act like they had no idea this was part of the Tarp bill because they never bothered to read it, is almost criminal. For Dodd to pretend he did not remember putting the loophole in another problem all together. The worst is President Barrack Obama pretending that he is outraged and that he did not know this when it was already talked about in September of 08, when he would not get off the campaign trail to sign the bill. Then in January when the actual amounts were known. We now know that when he said he was going to be a different politician that Washington had never seen before. He meant he was going to the most unaccountable politician we have seen before. Today the House is scheduled to vote today on a bill that would levy a 90 percent tax on bonuses paid to employees with family incomes above $250,000. This would apply to companies that have received at least $5 billion in government bailout money. Does anyone really think this is can happen? Does anyone really want the IRS to have this kind of power over the money you are allowed to earn?

National Debt climbs over 11 Trillion

While everyone in the world celebrated St Patrick’s Day this country turned another page and it was one for the history books. The National Debt climbed over $11 trillion dollars (11,042,553,971,450.47) for the first time in our history. The furthest back we can do to find date was January 4, 1993; the debt was only a mere $4,167,872,986,583.67. This means we have almost tripled this number in 16 years. This is the reason we show the figure everyday and what it was ten years ago.We provided a chart below the debt based on March 17, over the last 16 years. When you look at the numbers you can see it always did not grow so fast. From 1993 to 1997 it grew $1.1 trillion and from 1997-2001 it only grows $400 billion. From 2001 to 2005 it grew $2 trillion, and in the last four years it has doubled to 4$ trillion in just four years. We are now falling a trillion dollars more in debt every year.  This sounds good except it is wrong is it even high than that as last year it was 9,379,249,299,253.81 which means it grew over 1.8 trillion in the last year. If this does make you feel worse then remember this on January 1,1835 the debt was 33,733.05. We have come a long way baby.

Mach 17, 1993   $4,214,956,287,399.95

Mach 17, 1997   $5,363,306,532,631.89 

March 17, 2001   $5,725,427,309,171.06 

March 17, 2005   $7,773,614,003,547.15 

March 17, 2009  $11,042,553,971,450.47

iTouch can be used as a phone

There a couple new apps at the iTunes store that can make your iTouch a phone. All you need is a Wi-Fi connection and a free app called Truphone or Fring, will let you make free calls to Google Talk users and type instant messages to friends online. Both automatically queue up a list of buddies from different services you might have, including Gmail chat, AIM and MSN Messenger, once you log in. To do this the only requirement is the second-generation iPod Touch that came out last year and calls to other people using the same app won’t cost you anything. Calling landline and cell phones does cost money Truphone has pay feature has better rates than most wireless carriers. If you sing up and pay a $4 monthly call in the US are 2 cents a minute. There is another catch IPod Touch users will need Apple’s $29 ear buds that have a tiny microphone on the back of the volume control along the cord. We love the iTouch as it has been a necessity every where we go since its purchase after the iPod Classic was submerged in a briefcase full of coffee. This is a long story and we do not want to relieve the horror. This new service makes an iTouch the most valuable device you can own.

NCAA March Madness Tomorrow
Countdown to Spring Friday
MLB Baseball Opening Day 18 days
NBA Playoffs 31 days
Days until 2010 – 291 days

National Debt 3/17/1999 5,641,694,979,239.08
National Debt 3/17/2009 11,042,553,971,450.47

It’s so easy, easy
When everybody’s tryin’ to please me baby
It’s so easy, easy
When everybody’s tryin’ to please me
W. Axl Rose It’s So Easy (1987)

Teach old dogs new tricks

The Speed that was supposed to define the President Barack Obama $787 billion federal stimulus plan is being tested in statehouses everywhere as the bulk of more than $250 billion going through state governments requires legislative appropriation or review. It has been a month since President Barack Obama signed the bill, there is very little to show for it. There is plenty of reason at the state level for the hold up as states fight to decide to use all the money or build budgets around it. There is also a fear that a special appropriations subcommittee set up to oversee stimulus spending is watching every penny. Speaking of every penny, the Obama administration did set up, for accountability and transparency. The site is incomplete at best there are links to the individual stimulus Web sites of only about two dozen federal agencies, and its map linking to the state sites is only a little more than half of the nation. The albatross that is the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, will have implication long after the Barack Obama presidency is long gone and will go down in history as the biggest money grab ever accumulated by a president in the first 100 days.

Is MySpace Dead?

Let us just pronounce MySpace dead as there is no reason to hold on to something that is lost. When you are not the captain it makes no sense to go down with the ship. The numbers are out and the are more bad news for MySpace. There are no surveys they can point to any longer where they are number one in anything. FaceBook is the official king of all social media according to Compete and Nielsen Online. January, Facebook saw 62.4 million unique visitors, besting MySpace and its 60.6 million unique for the first time in the survey. This is not knew but the last survey MySpace was holding on to engagement numbers that fell to one hour, 35 minutes per user in January, down 32 percent and barely more than half of Facebook’s two hours, 50 minutes per user. This is a slow train that has taken a while to catch on it was only June of 2007 that MySpace claimed 3 times more traffic, 3 times more engagement, and was America’s most popular social network and popular website. The thing here is if FaceBook was the new flavor to MySpace it took five years to catch on and up. The problem for FaceBook standing on the top of the heap is Twitter is exploding at a record pace that was never seen by MySpace or FaceBook in the there biggest months.

The Seattle Post-Intelligencer goes Green

The Seattle Post-Intelligencer will print its final edition Tuesday. The Hearst Corporation, which owns the 146-year-old newspaper failed to find a buyer for the newspaper, so now the Seattle Post-Intelligencer will shift entirely to the Web. The decision to abandon the print product in favor of an Internet-only version is the first for a large American newspaper, raising questions about whether the company can make money in a medium where others have come up short. The Seattle Times will be the only mainstream daily left in the city. This is another hit for the North West as The Rocky Mountain News closed this year. Heart also hinted that next up was the San Francisco Chronicle. This is not a slow happening as right now four newspaper companies, including the owners of the Los Angeles Times, Chicago Tribune and The Philadelphia Inquirer, have sought Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. The Seattle Post-Intelligencer had 181 employees; the Web site version will employ about 20 in the newsroom operation and another 20 to sell ads. The newspaper’s print circulation was down to 117,000, from nearly 200,000 in 1998.The Seattle Post-Intelligencer dates back to 1863, as a four-page weekly.

NCAA March Madness 2 days
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MLB Baseball Opening Day 19 days
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 National Debt 3/13/1999 5,653,581,734,840.04
National Debt 3/13/2009 10,983,750,182,347.25

Welcome to the jungle
We got fun ‘n’ games
We got everything you want
Honey we know the names
W.Axl Rose Welcome to the Jungle (1987)

Malin Akerman An Observing beauteousness

Malin Akerman2_2011

This week we highlight who was left of the list last year but are pretty confident she will make a pretty high debut in 2009. Malin Maria Akerman who was born May 12, 1978) in Sweden and at the age of two moved to Toronto Canada is this weeks, woman of the week When she was seventeen she won the Ford Supermodel of Canada. She then did several television commercials and modeling jobs until she was ready for Hollywood. She moved to California and landed her first role in 2003 The Utopian Society we first saw her as Juna in The Comeback with Lisa Kudrow. The first time she blew up on the big screen for us was The Heartbreak Kid with Ben Stiller she was so smoking it almost melted the screen. She was in 27 dresses and if you did not know, she is playing Laurie Juspeckzyk or Silk Spectre II in the Watchmen. If you have not seen her in April cover of Maxim, she tears it up. She can play comedy, action, and drama and she does all extremely well, she is going to be a star a long time. She was on the Jimmy Fallon show last week and has a great personality. In 2009, we will see her in the Proposal and Couples Retreat so she has been extremely busy. She is a true knockout movies star and she jumps of the screen with her beauty and talent. We may have not noticed last year but this year she is a winner.

NCAA March Madness 3 days
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MLB Baseball Opening Day 20 days
NBA Playoffs 33 days
Days until 2010 – 292 days

National Debt 3/12/1999 5,653,581,734,840.04
National Debt 3/12/2009 10,983,549,928,728.74

I’ll hold the line while you gasp for breath
You wanna talk to me So talk to me
W. Axl Rose My World (1991)