President Obama Prime Time Again

President Barack Obama’s second national press conference in six weeks was more of the same. You understand, plenty of references to he inherited a mess, he is being more transparent, and he has a plan. The truth is in the details which are always vague and one sided to match his own needs. To use the reference that a bus drivers donation and a Presidents donation are the same, to say that a person who makes 50k should have the same tax break as someone who makes a 250k sounds good on television, but this facts are glossed over. The person making 250k is likely to donate five times what a 50k person does; this is the reason for the tax break. Many times, he did this and it is nothing new. We want have you focused on this; he only let one newspaper reporter ask a question, Jon Ward of the Washington Times. When do you ever remember a question being asked by an Ebony Magazine reporter? Did you ever think a website dot com would be able to ask as many questions as major newspapers? The score there was one to one as was allowed to ask a question. The hardest question of the night was from CNN reporter Ed Henry of all people, kudos to him. We do not know how the gang back in Atlanta will perceive this but he was the only stand out in a night of scripted questions and answers. Our final comment was, when the conference was over he said All right Thank you everybody and walked away, there was no God Bless America.

MLB Baseball Opening Day 10 days
NBA Playoffs 23 days
Transformers 2 Movie Debut
Days until 2010 – 283 days

National Debt 3/23/1999 5,645,199,129,224.03
National Debt 3/23/2009 11,041,711,544,305.34

Say baby you been lookin’ real good
You know that I remember when we met
Its funny how I never felt so good
It’s a feelin’ that I know
I know I’ll never forget
W. Axl Rose Think About You (1987)

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