Sophie Monk blistering libertine


This week we highlight last years number 24 on the top 51. Sophie Charlene Akland Monk who was born December 14 1979 in England, but her parents moved to Australia’s Gold Coast, Queensland. At the age of 20, she auditioned for Popstars looking for girls with vocal and dance experience to create a new girl group. Sophie was selected as a member of the group, which was named Bardot. After being quite successful with awards, sales, and on the charts after the second national tour the group disbanded. In 2003, she released a solo album, Calendar Girl. There was no heat for the disc and she turned to acting. We first seen here in the movie Click as David Hasselhoff’s secretary. There is a crazy sex scene with her and Vincent Chase in Entourage that peeked our attention as well. She is set to release Spring Breakdown, which is billed as her biggest role to date. She will also be on the big screen in 2009 with Spring Break ’83, Hard Breakers, The Hills Run Red, and The Legend of Awesomest Maximus. This should be a big year for her and we expect to see more as the premieres of the movies occur. She is a smoking hot number that has been on Maxin, FHM and every other cover in between. She is both talented and beautiful so it is an easy choice for this week and we think she will be higher than 24 when the end of the year rolls around.

MLB Baseball Opening Day 12 days
NBA Playoffs 25 days
NFL Draft 32 days
Transformers 2 Movie Debut 93 days
Days until 2010 – 285 days

National Debt 3/19/1999   5,640,185,158,295.15
National Debt 3/19/2009   11,039,686,130,898.10

We been dancin’ with Mr. Brownstone
He’s been knockin’
He won’t leave me alone
No, no ,no, he won’t leave me alone
W. Axl Rose Mr Brownstone (1987)

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