Palm Hail Mary – Pre

Another quarter in the books and Palm reported a net loss of $95 million, or 89 cents a share, from $54.7 million, or 53 cents, a year earlier. Sales in the period ended Feb. 28 fell 71 percent, to $90.6 million, from $312 million. Palm has reported losses in the last seven quarters. All hope at the Palm offices of staying viable in the mobile device market is the Pre. The techworld has been raving about it as a real alternative to the iPhone and BlackBerry. Palm is going to release the new Pre Smartphone in June. The Pre sports a new Palm Operating System titled WebOS, touch screen and a flip down full qwerty keyboard. The show stopper with the Pres is the ability to run more than one process at a time. The iPhone runs one application at a time and the Pre will be able to keep multiple panels running simultaneously. Right now Apple boasts 30 million Iphone Users and the Pre will run on the Sprint Network which already has enough problems with public perception. There is no one but Palm to blame they never took Apple serious. Now are faced with a last play and it is fourth and ten from the fifty yard line. The company has dropped back and about the hail their fate into the marketplace.


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