FaceBook Negativity Shutdown

The FaceBook application that is polling the users for their feedback to the new FaceBook homepage is growing to fast. FaceBook limited the access that is democracy at work. The application has 2,168,639 monthly active users, over one million votes and over 560,000 comments, most of those are negative. So FaceBook drop a restriction on the app, preventing users from inviting more than two friends to join. FaceBook believes the application was caught in a designed system function to curb abuse on FaceBook Platform. FaceBook has set limits on the number of friends one invite at a time. Just the other day iJustine reported that she could only friend 5,000 people at a time. This makes sense for this application, but given this have been the fastest growing FaceBook applications in the history of FaceBook. You would think somebody over there would have thought this was going to happen. If you have been on FaceBook you know that the users are not happy with the new layout. If you are a Twitter person you can see exactly what they are doing. FaceBook has 175 million members world wide and that is a lot of interface, FaceBook has not been able to turn that into revenue. FaceBook was founded on the principle of six degrees of separation but for that to work it needs to be two way. The reason FaceBook is about to hit a wall, which is a Tea512 prediction. It is founded on local friends; Twitter is worldwide and has star power.

MLB Baseball Opening Day 14 days
NBA Playoffs 27 days
NFL Draft 34 days
Transformers 2 Movie Debut 95 days
Days until 2010 – 287 days

 National Debt 3/19/1999 5,640,185,158,295.15
National Debt 3/19/2009 11,039,686,130,898.10

They scream and yell And fight all night
You can’t tell me I lose my head
I close my eyes They won’t touch me
‘Cause I got somethin’ I been buildin’ up inside
W. Axl Rose Out To Get Me (1987)

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