Obama Tax Break and First day of Spring

What a day, President Barack Obama promised a tax cut for 95% of Americans and today the first day of spring we gout ours. That is right my payroll check went up as he decreased the Federal weekly income tax for us low earners. We have been hard on the president lately, because he is inexperienced, said anything to get elected and has done the very same things he said he change. Remember that is what was going to us hope was the change. Since it is the first day of spring let us hope President Barack Obama will turn a new leaf, go back to those campaign trails stump speeches and at least attempt to follow some of the outline that got him elected. We are not going to beat him up that this is only $16 a week, because when President George Bush gave American $400 the left complained what are we supposed to do with that. We stated we were happy because it was the first time the President of the US had ever sent me anything. This being the case we will not complain here and will gladly accept this positive that comes on the first day of spring.

Countdown to Spring Today
MLB Baseball Opening Day 15 days
NBA Playoffs 28 days
NFL Draft 35 days
Days until 2010 – 288 days 

National Debt 3/18/1999 5,640,185,158,295.15
National Debt 3/18/2009 11,034,225,094,391.03

Wake up late honey put on your clothes
Take your credit card to the liquor store
That’s one for you and two for me by tonight
W.Axl Rose Nightrain (1987)

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