Teach old dogs new tricks

The Speed that was supposed to define the President Barack Obama $787 billion federal stimulus plan is being tested in statehouses everywhere as the bulk of more than $250 billion going through state governments requires legislative appropriation or review. It has been a month since President Barack Obama signed the bill, there is very little to show for it. There is plenty of reason at the state level for the hold up as states fight to decide to use all the money or build budgets around it. There is also a fear that a special appropriations subcommittee set up to oversee stimulus spending is watching every penny. Speaking of every penny, the Obama administration did set up Recovery.gov, for accountability and transparency. The site is incomplete at best there are links to the individual stimulus Web sites of only about two dozen federal agencies, and its map linking to the state sites is only a little more than half of the nation. The albatross that is the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, will have implication long after the Barack Obama presidency is long gone and will go down in history as the biggest money grab ever accumulated by a president in the first 100 days.

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