National Debt climbs over 11 Trillion

While everyone in the world celebrated St Patrick’s Day this country turned another page and it was one for the history books. The National Debt climbed over $11 trillion dollars (11,042,553,971,450.47) for the first time in our history. The furthest back we can do to find date was January 4, 1993; the debt was only a mere $4,167,872,986,583.67. This means we have almost tripled this number in 16 years. This is the reason we show the figure everyday and what it was ten years ago.We provided a chart below the debt based on March 17, over the last 16 years. When you look at the numbers you can see it always did not grow so fast. From 1993 to 1997 it grew $1.1 trillion and from 1997-2001 it only grows $400 billion. From 2001 to 2005 it grew $2 trillion, and in the last four years it has doubled to 4$ trillion in just four years. We are now falling a trillion dollars more in debt every year.  This sounds good except it is wrong is it even high than that as last year it was 9,379,249,299,253.81 which means it grew over 1.8 trillion in the last year. If this does make you feel worse then remember this on January 1,1835 the debt was 33,733.05. We have come a long way baby.

Mach 17, 1993   $4,214,956,287,399.95

Mach 17, 1997   $5,363,306,532,631.89 

March 17, 2001   $5,725,427,309,171.06 

March 17, 2005   $7,773,614,003,547.15 

March 17, 2009  $11,042,553,971,450.47

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