iTouch can be used as a phone

There a couple new apps at the iTunes store that can make your iTouch a phone. All you need is a Wi-Fi connection and a free app called Truphone or Fring, will let you make free calls to Google Talk users and type instant messages to friends online. Both automatically queue up a list of buddies from different services you might have, including Gmail chat, AIM and MSN Messenger, once you log in. To do this the only requirement is the second-generation iPod Touch that came out last year and calls to other people using the same app won’t cost you anything. Calling landline and cell phones does cost money Truphone has pay feature has better rates than most wireless carriers. If you sing up and pay a $4 monthly call in the US are 2 cents a minute. There is another catch IPod Touch users will need Apple’s $29 ear buds that have a tiny microphone on the back of the volume control along the cord. We love the iTouch as it has been a necessity every where we go since its purchase after the iPod Classic was submerged in a briefcase full of coffee. This is a long story and we do not want to relieve the horror. This new service makes an iTouch the most valuable device you can own.

NCAA March Madness Tomorrow
Countdown to Spring Friday
MLB Baseball Opening Day 18 days
NBA Playoffs 31 days
Days until 2010 – 291 days

National Debt 3/17/1999 5,641,694,979,239.08
National Debt 3/17/2009 11,042,553,971,450.47

It’s so easy, easy
When everybody’s tryin’ to please me baby
It’s so easy, easy
When everybody’s tryin’ to please me
W. Axl Rose It’s So Easy (1987)

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