The Seattle Post-Intelligencer goes Green

The Seattle Post-Intelligencer will print its final edition Tuesday. The Hearst Corporation, which owns the 146-year-old newspaper failed to find a buyer for the newspaper, so now the Seattle Post-Intelligencer will shift entirely to the Web. The decision to abandon the print product in favor of an Internet-only version is the first for a large American newspaper, raising questions about whether the company can make money in a medium where others have come up short. The Seattle Times will be the only mainstream daily left in the city. This is another hit for the North West as The Rocky Mountain News closed this year. Heart also hinted that next up was the San Francisco Chronicle. This is not a slow happening as right now four newspaper companies, including the owners of the Los Angeles Times, Chicago Tribune and The Philadelphia Inquirer, have sought Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. The Seattle Post-Intelligencer had 181 employees; the Web site version will employ about 20 in the newsroom operation and another 20 to sell ads. The newspaper’s print circulation was down to 117,000, from nearly 200,000 in 1998.The Seattle Post-Intelligencer dates back to 1863, as a four-page weekly.

NCAA March Madness 2 days
Countdown to Spring 3 days
MLB Baseball Opening Day 19 days
NBA Playoffs 32 days
Days until 2010 – 292 days

 National Debt 3/13/1999 5,653,581,734,840.04
National Debt 3/13/2009 10,983,750,182,347.25

Welcome to the jungle
We got fun ‘n’ games
We got everything you want
Honey we know the names
W.Axl Rose Welcome to the Jungle (1987)

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