Is MySpace Dead?

Let us just pronounce MySpace dead as there is no reason to hold on to something that is lost. When you are not the captain it makes no sense to go down with the ship. The numbers are out and the are more bad news for MySpace. There are no surveys they can point to any longer where they are number one in anything. FaceBook is the official king of all social media according to Compete and Nielsen Online. January, Facebook saw 62.4 million unique visitors, besting MySpace and its 60.6 million unique for the first time in the survey. This is not knew but the last survey MySpace was holding on to engagement numbers that fell to one hour, 35 minutes per user in January, down 32 percent and barely more than half of Facebook’s two hours, 50 minutes per user. This is a slow train that has taken a while to catch on it was only June of 2007 that MySpace claimed 3 times more traffic, 3 times more engagement, and was America’s most popular social network and popular website. The thing here is if FaceBook was the new flavor to MySpace it took five years to catch on and up. The problem for FaceBook standing on the top of the heap is Twitter is exploding at a record pace that was never seen by MySpace or FaceBook in the there biggest months.

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