Malin Akerman An Observing beauteousness

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This week we highlight who was left of the list last year but are pretty confident she will make a pretty high debut in 2009. Malin Maria Akerman who was born May 12, 1978) in Sweden and at the age of two moved to Toronto Canada is this weeks, woman of the week When she was seventeen she won the Ford Supermodel of Canada. She then did several television commercials and modeling jobs until she was ready for Hollywood. She moved to California and landed her first role in 2003 The Utopian Society we first saw her as Juna in The Comeback with Lisa Kudrow. The first time she blew up on the big screen for us was The Heartbreak Kid with Ben Stiller she was so smoking it almost melted the screen. She was in 27 dresses and if you did not know, she is playing Laurie Juspeckzyk or Silk Spectre II in the Watchmen. If you have not seen her in April cover of Maxim, she tears it up. She can play comedy, action, and drama and she does all extremely well, she is going to be a star a long time. She was on the Jimmy Fallon show last week and has a great personality. In 2009, we will see her in the Proposal and Couples Retreat so she has been extremely busy. She is a true knockout movies star and she jumps of the screen with her beauty and talent. We may have not noticed last year but this year she is a winner.

NCAA March Madness 3 days
Countdown to Spring 4 days
MLB Baseball Opening Day 20 days
NBA Playoffs 33 days
Days until 2010 – 292 days

National Debt 3/12/1999 5,653,581,734,840.04
National Debt 3/12/2009 10,983,549,928,728.74

I’ll hold the line while you gasp for breath
You wanna talk to me So talk to me
W. Axl Rose My World (1991)

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