Is Pijoo Dead?

Is there too much to do on the Internet? What makes a flavor of the month big, and then disappear back into the void for which it came. We are starting to wonder about the shelf life of Pijoo. If you are not familiar it was started to have as a social network for bloggers. Back in the day which was less than a year ago, a lifetime on the Internet. The interface let bloggers post a story and other bloggers could vote on it, like it or do not like it. Then in most cases they voted, or just rewrite for their own blogs but that is another story. There is a pay angle and the fee will get you more exposure so keep that in mind. The reason we think it is flailing on the vine is because of the 175 million on FaceBook and the explosion of Twitter. Bloggers know this is the real audience and where they need to be. The bigger proof is back in the day when they listed a post as popular it would have 30 or more votes. These days if a blog post on Pijoo has seven votes it would immediately raise the top. We are going to spend sometime and try to get deeper into why AOL gave way to Yahoo and MySpace to FaceBook. The thing we feel is the cause is the “doing the latest thing”. If you are just hearing about Pijoo today don’t bother if you missed the wedding it makes no sense to go to the funeral.

NCAA March Madness 4 days
Countdown to Spring 5 days
MLB Baseball Opening Day 21 days
NBA Playoffs 34 days
Days until 2010 – 293 days

 National Debt 3/12/1999 5,653,581,734,840.04
National Debt 3/12/2009 10,983,549,928,728.74

I’m a cold heartbreaker
Fit ta burn and I’ll rip your heart in two
W. Axl Rose You Could Be Mine (1991)

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