Google behavioral targeting

Early this week we reported that Google was moving to ad based on interests. We have learned a few more details on the program. The Google users will not be notified that it has begun to show them ads based on their behavior, but users who click on the “Ads By Google” link, will be taken to a site where the technique is explained. The Ads Preferences Manager will be there where they can edit the ad categories that have been associated with their browser. The Google entry into behavioral targeting could complicate the company’s relationship with Web publishers that use its advertising services. Many publishers are reluctant to hand over information about their users to Google if the company will in turn use it to help advertisers reach those users when they visit other sites. The behavioral targeting system lets publishers get higher-priced ads, they may find it too hard to resist. This also the reason Google is allowing publishers to opt out of the program. We have had a few email and comments on the subject and it runs 50/50. The thing about ad your being feed is never has to click them but you do see them and does that count. Does that help advertiser does it annoy the user?

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