Windows 7 with an off switch

The new Windows 7 latest Operating System will have a single check box that give the ability to “turn off” Microsoft’s own Internet Explorer browser. This is because of the lost case in the battle with EU antitrust regulators in 2007 over the way it bundled media player software into the Windows operating system. There was rumor the European Commission may order PC makers to install multiple browsers on new PCs and force Microsoft to disable parts of its own Internet Explorer if people chose a competing browser. The check boxes give Windows 7 users a way to disable the media player and hard-drive search programs, among other components, both of which have drawn scrutiny from regulators. Windows 7 is being built as a Vista replacement that is lighter and leaner then the overpowering Vista. This is the first quarter Microsoft sales are down and they laid off people for the first time in their history. They have a lot riding on this roll out of Windows 7 and are trying to cover all the bases. NCAA March Madness 12 days
Countdown to Spring 13 days
MLB Baseball Opening Day 29 days
NBA Playoffs 42 days
Days until 2010 – 299 days

National Debt 3/5/1999    5,652,546,580,761.78
National Debt 3/5/2009    10,953,034,411,520.15

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