HR 45 A Gun Control Bill on Congress Floor

There is a bill floating through congress that is flying under the radar. The left dreams about these things about when they are in power. The country is so obsessed with the stimulus, bailouts and healthcare; they can squeeze a bill about gun control through without any one looking. We are looking and want you to know the guts of HR45. They problem they are trying to address with this bill looking at the manufacture, distribution, and importation of firearms is which is inherently commercial in nature. Firearms regularly move in interstate commerce the interstate trafficking of firearms is so commingled that full regulation of interstate commerce requires the incidental regulation of intrastate commerce. Firearms’ trafficking is prevalent and widespread in and among the States, and it is usually impossible to distinguish between this intrastate trafficking. It is in the national interest and within the role of the Federal Government to ensure that the regulation of firearms is uniform among the States, that law enforcement can quickly and effectively trace firearms used in crime. The purposes of this Act and the amendments made by this Act are to protect the public against the unreasonable risk of injury and death associated with the unrecorded sale or transfer of qualifying firearms. To restrict the availability of qualifying firearms to criminals, youth, and other persons prohibited by Federal law from receiving firearms. Whenever you see the words restrict and in a bill about Gun control it is only the tip of the iceberg. Today they want to restrict the availability of criminals, youth, and other persons prohibited by Federal law. The next change will be the “other persons prohibited by law” which eventually will be every American citizen.

NCAA March Madness 13 days
Countdown to Spring 14 days
MLB Baseball Opening Day 30 days
NBA Playoffs 43 days
Days until 2010 – 300 days

National Debt 3/4/1999 5,653,049,331,534.24
National Debt 3/4/2009 10,944,337,682,981.48

‘Cause yesterday’s got nothin’ for me
Old pictures that I’ll always see
Time just fades the pages
In my book of memories
W. Axl Rose Yesterdays (1991)

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