Amazon Kindle meets iphone

The Amazon Kindle electronic book reader from is around $359. This is too expensive for another device; you have a GPS, iTouch, and a cell phone can you imagine another device you have to carry. Well there is a new application that can cut one device out if you own an iPhone or iTouch you can use the same content as the Kindle for your iPhone or iTouch. The e-book market is growing and to stay with it before it passes them by Amazon brings a free program with several of the Kindle like functions. Users can change the text size on the screen, and add bookmarks, notes, and highlights. There are some features you will lose like a six-inch screen and the text-to-speech feature. This will keep open the audio book market and keep authors happy. This is a jump by Amazon to stay a head of Google. Some see moving into creating free online books for downloads that will have sponsored ad content. Amazon has been quiet about the number of Kindle devices it has sold. This is another sign of how our digital world is changing the way we used to do things. People once said they could not read newspapers online as it was too hard to stay focused. This is a step in the right direction for the environment and the book industry.

NCAA March Madness 15 days
Countdown to Spring 16 days
MLB Baseball Opening Day 32 days
NBA Playoffs 45 days
Days until 2010 – 302 days

National Debt 3/2/1999       5,649,288,631,596.74
National Debt 3/2/2009       10,942,165,294,650.89

You cry and moan and complain
You whine an tear
Up to my neck in sorrow
The touch you bring
W. Axl Rose 14 Years (1991)

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