Search terms as times get tougher

There is a report that Americans search patterns have changed. You would expect these terms to change based on time of season and current events. This is always a great gauge of what is going on. We have heard the whole Main Street vs. Wall Street but now we are seeing a report that is from all streets which is reporting the same thing. According to the marketing research company ComScore, they are a digital marketing intelligence platform company that helps customers make business decisions and implement digital business strategies. They deliver digital marketing intelligence through its comScore Media Metrix products. They claim the number of Internet searches incorporating the word “unemployment” more than tripled from December 2007 the number last year was 2.69 million it has exploded to 8.21 million in December 2008. This is no surprise but it is amazing just how many people are affected. The Bureau of Labor Statics reported early last month unemployment has risen to 7.6%, the total number of unemployment claim last month was 598,000. There have 4.1 million people who filed for unemployment through the same timeline December 2007 to 2008. This bring the total unemployment number to 11.6 million.

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